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As well as our dedicated admin staff British Drone Flyer members of the BMFA have access to all the BMFA support resources and staff, including legal advice.

We also have a dedicated member of staff specifically to deal with the technical questions of drone operation.

Chris Bradbury - Drone Support Officer

Chris is a person whose life is focused on the use and implementation of unmanned aircraft systems, from using them as his primary source of work as well as his passion and hobby, to actively championing their safe and lawful use by others.

He has been flying since 2007, including developing his own drones from scratch long before they could be bought off the shelf. He doesn't just fly drones, but enjoys almost anything RC, including cars, boats, planes and helicopters.

With a background in photography, videography and graphic design, Chris pretty much started attaching cameras to aircraft from the moment he started flying.

Chris have been involved with the BMFA for around a decade, from being involved in the early Special Interest Group for FPV, then writing the initial A and B certificates for Multirotors as a guest to the Achievement Scheme Review Committee (ASRC). He then joined the ASRC as a full member around 7 years ago and now serves as the committee’s chairman.

Chris also currently runs Altitude Aerial Photography Ltd (AAPL) a specialist drone services provider covering aerial filming, photography, surveying and bespoke unmanned aircraft system solutions.

AAPL has provided aerial services to numerous TV clients such as The Garden Productions, Rare TV, Windfall Films, Betty, BBC, ITV and many more, as well as numerous well-known brands such as Alton Towers, The Salvation Army, DSTL and McCoy Contractors.

AAPL holds one of the most advanced Civil Aviation Authority Operational Authorisations in the UK for the operation of unmanned aircraft. AAPL’s Operating Safety Case allows AAPL to fly unmanned aircraft up to 90% closer to the public than standard operators, as well as 50% higher and closer to assemblies of people.

As you can see, it would be difficult to find an individual with more technical experience than Chris.

Chris's UAS qualifications:

  • BNUC-S Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • GVC Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • A2 CofC Unmanned Aircraft Systems

British Model Flying Association certifications: 

  • A(MR) Multirotors
  • B(MR) Multirotors
  • CE(MR) Area Chief Examiner Multirotors
  • CI(MR) Area Chief Instructor Multirotors
  • A(H) Helicopters
  • B(H) Helicopters
  • CE(H) Area Chief Examiner Helicopters
  • CI(H) Area Chief Instructor Helicopters
  • A(FW) Fixed Wing
  • B(FW) Fixed Wing
  • CE(FW) Area Chief Examiner Fixed Wing
  • CI(FW) Area Chief Instructor Fixed Wing
  • A(SF-S) Silent Flight Slope
  • B(SF-S) Silent Flight Slope

Chris's Other Relevant Experience:

Unmanned Aircraft Systems OSC Consultant for UAV Academy.

I assist UAV Academy customers that are looking to move beyond standard UAV operations in creating their operational procedures and documentation.

Flight Safety Officer and Senior Safety Pilot for the IMechE UAS Challenge.

I oversee all aspects of flight activity for the Institute of Mechanical Engineering’s UAS Challenge, which covers involvement in the event’s steering committee, safety committee and controlling the flying areas at the live competition.

Former Unmanned Aircraft System Flight Examiner for UAV Academy.

I worked as one of the flight assessment examiners for UAV Academy, a role which involved assessing candidate’s operations manuals, then testing their flight performance based on their own individual manual.

Joint Founder and Technical Director for AeroAVA.

AeroAVA aims to be the go-to specialist for outdoor aerial drone show choreography, public audience displays and night sky branding globally.