The CAA are calling for input about a review of the UK UAS regulations that affects model aircraft and drone flying. It is important that as many members as possible respond to the consultation. However, it is important that it is a co-ordinated response and while we would ask all members be prepared to respond we would ask for your patience while we prepare some guidance which will be sent to all members before you respond to the consultation.

Thank you in advance.



Call for Input: Review of UK UAS Regulations

This Call for Input sets out our early thinking on the opportunities to improve regulation of UAS. It will allow stakeholders to influence policy whilst we are still developing our proposals.

Feedback will be used by CAA, in addition to other evidence and analysis, to inform a future consultation on the changes we propose to progress.

The opportunities described in this Call for Input cover opportunities to simplify the categorisations of operational requirements and to enable the adoption of product requirements.

You can give us your views by using the Online Response Form.
Feedback is required by 7th September 2023.

Call for Input: Review of UK UAS Regulations


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