Q What types of insurance are included with my British Drone Flyers membership?
A Civil liability insurance and personal accident insurance.
Q  Are there any admin charges or is there an excess if I have to claim?
A  No, there are no hidden costs or charges in the event you have to claim.
Q I have had my drone equipment stolen. Does the insurance included as part of BMFA membership provide cover to replace the stolen items?
A No.
Q What level of cover does the civil liability insurance provide?
A Up to £25 million per claim
Q I will not be joining a club. Can I still join the British Drone Flyers and be insured?
A Yes. You will receive exactly the same insurance benefits as members who join through a club.
Q I have been told that theinsurance only provides cover if I am flying at a recognised flying site club. Is this correct?
A No, completely incorrect, the insurance provides cover worldwide (excluding North America) for lawful recognised activity.
Q I have been told that I will be uninsured if I fly unsupervised without having attained an A certificate. Is this true?
A No, Cover is in place for all types of models as long as you are a fully paid up member of the British Drone Flyers no matter what achievement scheme certificates you may or may not hold.
Q When does my insurance cover start?
A Cover starts immediately your payment is made and you receive your confirmation email which will have your documents attached.
Q Does the insurance provide cover for me to fly my drone using First Person View?
A Yes.
Q Will the British Drone Flyers insurance cover me for flying my drone commercially?
A No, Cover is for sporting, educational and recreational flying only.